Monday, June 29, 2009

10 Things

You might not know about me:

1. I go to the movies by myself often. Usually once a week. Unless I'm with a sister, I actually prefer it this way!

2. I saw the second to last Grateful Dead show in St. Louis, Missouri in July of 1995 - just before Jerry Garcia died. Drove there with great friends, camping gear, very little money and no tickets. Stood on the highway with the true hippies and found our way in. Gave away a "miracle". 2 unbelievable shows. As expected...the best concert experience ever.

3. I love living in an area with seasons - 4 of them. Fall is my favorite, by far.

4. I believe I'm a really good mom, but know I raise my voice too often with our children. Working on that.

5. I have a Blackberry and love it, but think it's pretty silly that I do. I'm a stay-at-home mom. I really don't need to be this accessible. Actually considering turning it off.

6. I'm anxious to work again.....a part time job that would allow me a couple of nights and a weekend day to do something I enjoy and have something for myself. Not the money I'd make for myself.....but the time.

7. I'm about to cut all of my hair off. Blake prefers it super short.

8. I'm a proud Catholic. Yes, we're old school and do some kooky stuff. But, the traditions and rituals feel like home to me.

9. I love taking kids to theme trips....the zoo....big outings....what most moms dread. It's the challenge that draws me, I believe - and, of course, the rewards.

10. I would love to live in the northeast. Have enjoyed traveling there. Hope to have an opportunity one day to experience a genuine New England lifestyle.

Dee tagged me. Thanks!

Now, I tag:

Mommy to Brown Eyed Girls
Carrie.....oh, wait.

Can't wait to learn more about you all. It's been a while since we've passed some tags around. So, do yours and share the love!


FROGGITY! said...

thanks for taggin' me!

nothing kooky about catholicism. 1/2 my family is catholic. mass still feels homey and worshipful to me, even though i am protestant!

loving the 4th of july backdrop. so cute!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm not surprised to hear about the Dead show. I totally remember when he died!...
New England eh? Never would have guessed...too cold and a bit to stuck-up for me ;)

Carrie said...

I know, I need a blog. I'm thinking about it!

I am SO with you on the movies! Ryan and I went on Saturday night (sadly first date night with dinner and movie since Hagen was born...2 years!) We saw Star it weird that I was crushing on Dr. Spock?

Then on Sunday night I went to see the proposal...loved it! Sandra was hilarious in it!!

donatelli98 said...

Dee already tagged me - I can tell you were so riveted by my posts that you want me to write more! (

starnes family said...

How did I miss that?!!!! Thanks for the link!