Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Concerts

There seem to be a plethora of outdoor music venues to choose from around here. We're loving it. They bring people together.....they're always in beautiful settings......they're free!

We've enjoyed this option the most.....and the jazz was excellent.

I'll take one of each.

I wised up by the second concert outing and came prepared. All sorts of bubble toys, child-friendly lanterns, and a ball for the boys to share with brand new friends.

These $1 bubble wands are their favorites. And, see? We can skip dinner for Lainey when we bring them.

Pace yourself, honey.

Jack is a bubble gun toting fool.

I love to see our 3 playing together. Makes a mama happy.

My big boys.

Sweet Carter hauled Jack back to the blanket after he cruised over to the bounce houses.

Punkin Laine, playing peek-a-boo. I'm loving the simple life right now. Outdoor fun, bubbles and good music under the stars. Sign me up!


Cate O'Malley said...

Oh so jealous! No free outdoor music here ... least of all one with bouncy houses and gyros - how fun!

Dee Stephens said...

TOTALLY love the new look on the blog. I need to figure out how to redo mine. I had a hard enough time figuring this out though!
We have outdoor concerts here too but haven't made it to one this year..
It's a LOT of effort b/c they get slammed and you have to go early in the morning and lay a blanket it down just to get a decent spot.
When do you leave for your trip??

Coco said...

Aren't those bubble wands the best! We have about a million. And hula hoops are a new fave around here, though noone can do it.

I wish it weren't so dang hot here. You can't even sit outside at night right now unless you are in a pool.

If the shoe FITZ said...

Yeah, no kidding's supposed to be 97 today...that's better than 104 at least that's what I tell myself..
I haven't made it to any outdoor concerts here yet but now it's too hot so I have to really want to the ones at the arboretum are NOT free.

The Lenzers said...

Great, now I'm gonna be craving a corn dog!!!Thanks Case

aunt caroline said...

I want Lainey's dress! Oh, when I'm there for the fourth, let's go to the dollar store and get some glow necklaces for the big fireworks show! I'm not sure if I can top my accessories from last year, but I'm going to try!

Clare said...

Lainey's dress is TOO cute!

We have a free brown bag concert on the capitol grounds (right across from my office)every Thursday for 6-8 weeks in the summer. I love it!