Sunday, June 21, 2009

Question Of The Week

Circa 1996.....before a husband and kids.....I was a bit of a wild child. Most people I know since marriage don't believe it and those of you who have seen it first hand need not prove it here. Those records have been sealed.

But, there I was at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.....tie dye t-shirt, two hippy braids hanging over my shoulders, ever-present Birkenstocks and probably a hemp necklace on. And, there came Adam Duritz, the lead singer of Counting Crows and I was a bit star struck. OK, more than a bit. He was inconspicuously walking through the crowds (right - with that hair, not possible)....trying not to draw attention to himself....and then I came along.

"ADAM!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! Is it really you?!!!!!"

Awkward, awkward, awkward. He thanked me for causing such a scene and told me he was leaving the festival. I felt about as big as the crickets I heard chirping during the uncomfortable silence.

***So, it could be said that I don't handle celebrity sightings well. How about you? Who have you seen and what happened?


Shannon said...

Did you see how I reacted to a Tweet from my favorite celebrity? I'm a freak. I don't think I'd do that with 99% of celebs though. In person, I would faint, shake and cry for real. Oh wait, I did that from a TWEET too. :)

starnes family said...

Let it be known, everyone, that Shannon received a tweet AND A FOLLOW from the one and only Justin Timberlake. Yes, ladies. It's true. Glad I'm not the only freak.

Shannon said...

It's true. And because I'm shameless, here's the link to the story.

FROGGITY! said...

JT?!! awesome- go you!!

(lol, i sat behind lance bass at a hockey game once... hee hee. it's not the same though. AT. ALL.)

i have never really 'met' anyone famous. i am acquainted w/ several 'almost' celebs via college (mostly musicians w/famous ties to people like katherine heigl or britney spears) and i 'know' 3 people from various real world/road rules seasons... but i don't think ANY of that qualifies.

so i am lame. it IS interesting seeing them occasionally on tv though... still. not the same.

ADAM DURITZ!?! yeah. i pretty much would FREAK OUT like you did. definitely.

*i sure do love your Q's of the week!*

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I love the birkenstocks and tie dye..what a visual...

I went to elementary school with Fergie. That will always be my claim to fame.

I see celebrities here and there since we live in So. Cal. I guess I just don't get that excited any more..

Malinda said...

Phillip is a HUGE Fleetwood Mac fan and he once won a radio contest to have breakfast with Stevie Nicks. She was extremely nice and we had two photos made with her.

We also met Chris Issack after one of his concerts at the Backyard in Austin a couple of years ago. He was so nice, he stood out in the rain and talked to everyone in line and signed autographs until the very last person in line.

My most personal link to fame is my friend Aden is the Bass player for Miranda Lambert. He's the one with the mohawk. It used to freak me out to see him on TV, but now he's been on so much we don't even DVR him anymore. He tells us who in the country music world is really nice and who's not.

Clare said...

I LOVE the Counting Crows, the summer after I graduated from high school I saw them three times. I haven't met anyone "famous" but I stalked the CC's bus after I saw them in Dallas. I saw what bar they were in but I was only 18 so I couldn't get in. Then I saw them coming out of the bar as I circled th block (again), I couldn't find a place to park and by the time I came back around the bus was loaded. I am so jealous!

BTW I found you blog when you commented on "go blog yourself" when I saw you were in KS. I am in Topeka but moving to Olathe, OP, SM, (somewhere) area soon. I also noticed your Cora pin on one of your posts (we have a tutu from Cora's shop), what a small bloggy world.
Anyway, I love your blog and love your profile pic and noticed it on you wall in a picture also-let me konw where you got that, too cute!

Dee Stephens said...

I remember those days Casey :)
I've met a lot of famous people due to my years working in TV in Vegas and just being out in Vegas.
Shaq, Julio Iglesia, Jr.(who kissed me BTW-he's HOTTIE),Pauly Shore, Carmen Electra(weird). most exciting encounter was almost 3-years ago when one of my fav bands Better Than Ezra played here in Charlotte. We went out to a bar afterwards and I looked up and there was lead singer Kevin Griffith! He and the rest of the band just hanging out and NO one realized who they were but me. To make a long story short I got photos and hung out with Kevin and Tom Drummond and talked about LSU football. It rocked the casbah!

Coco said...

Brad Pitt. Yep, Brad Pitt. A friend of mine in San Antonios family owns a private airport and I was there visiting and Brad Pitt was leaving SA and we went to the airport and sat in his private jet and such before he arrived.

Then he arrived and waved and said "hi" to us. We had very strict instructions from Clare's parents not to freak out, he pays a fortune to fly private. So we had to keep our cool.

As I was waving to him, I was in the hanger leaning against George Strait's Cesna. Nice.

Justin Timberlake, I just had a mini orgasm saying his name.

Amy said...

Edwin McCain hung out at my college apt - he was friends with my roommate from back in his early days. Had back stage passes to a Buffet concert, met him and drank beer with him when I was 19.
I met a lot of politicians working in DC - mainly republicans. Had dinner at a table with Newt Gingrich, drove Ann Coulter to the airport, met a couple of Bush's press secretary's, and a lot of boring congress folk.
Really, I need to beef up my celebrity tally, mine's kind of lame compared to JT!

aunt caroline said...

Ok, Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house to use the bathroom... but his sister did!

Shannon said...

I think the word "squee" means mini-orgasm once you're over 21 though I've told everybody it just means a scream.

Malinda said...

To Caroline, I guess we do all sound a little like Chunk from Goonies. I LOVE that movie.

Kelly Beatty said...

Oh Casey. I remember this story like it was yesterday. I think I had already moved but you were stoked! Guess what? They're playing at one of the Casinos down in Biloxi. I saw it on a billboard. Miss those days...sometimes.

Oh, celebrities? Jon Lovitz in the elevator in Vegas (didn't say anything, just stared). The Pope in Italy. That's it.

Jeannette Pucella said...

OMG Casey! I saw that pic of Adam in my blogger updates and clicked on this post so fast because I knew what it was going to say! I am proud to have witnessed your AD meltdown in NO! Didn't we have to physically restrain you to keep you from throwing yourself at his feet or grabbing a hold of his leg or something? We had the best time! I used to have a great photo of the 5 of us in the rain and mud, don't know what happened to it. Do you have any photos of the times we shared? You made everything SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane, babe!