Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Worlds Of Fun Is A World Of Fun

Oh, yes, I did say it. Or, write it. Whatever.

Our first visit to the theme park was a blast. And, not just because we are a theme park crazy family. It's a great place! Lots of similarities to our first love....Six Flags Over Texas. Old Timey Cars, Log Ride, and Raging Rapids. So excited!

And, take a look at this beauty we spotted in the parking lot. A preview of Halloween Haunt, their month long celebration of all things spooky. Open until 1:00am every Saturday during October. We can't wait.

Carter is now tall enough for ALL rides.....a first....and he will ride this is a big year.

The kids' part is "Camp Snoopy". All peanuts characters. Pretty cute.

The Red Baron airplanes.

Woodstock's Choo Choo.

Blake + 3 kids on the kid coaster.

Look at the joy on their faces.

One of our favorites....

Got through the little ones' area and on to some fun for Carter. We all took a break while big brother rode the coaster below.

There he is....bottom right....not sure why that guy is praying above him. Not a good sign.

And, during the ride....

His last thrill.....the craziest one there! Loved it.


The Jones Family said...

Tell Carter when we come, I'll ride every one of those crazy rides with him... LOVE IT!

The Lenzers said...

You are braver than me...I have been scared to take the boys to six flags. Mainly because I have to do stuff like that by myself....M is never into it. Why weren't you on any of them? Tell Blake to snap some pics so we can see your face-haha!!!

Tammy said...

Great pictures! I love the happy faces. I love roller's been a long time! Really great to see y'all together having fun as a family!

Dee Stephens said...

AWESOME! question is.. why is Carter on that coaster by himself?? No one next to him :(

Monica said...

Carter is brave! I don't even go on those crazy rides and I'm 30! Love the picture with Lainey and Blake with Lainey's tiny hand on his leg in the car. Too sweet.

Kelley Loredo said...

I'm really starting to feel inadequate!!! You guys are always doing such fun things - love seeing all of your happy faces! Glad you are liking your new home-

Coco said...

That picture of Carter and the measurement thingy needs to be blown up to an 8x10/black and white and put on your wall. A must, so precious!

I love roller coasters and so far Bram is a fan as well!!!!

How fun!

SASS said...

I love the one of Lainey and Jack on the horses. Darling picture! I can't believe you captured that! (Yes I can)

The Rand's said...

Looks like fun! Love all the pics!
Little Lainey looks so sweet next to her Daddy! Love it!

aunt caroline said...

Three words.