Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Lovin'

One plus of this miserable heat......lovely, lush plants and flowers. I will take that part of summer and be happy.


aunt caroline said...

Love the new page layout! Can't wait to spend the fourth with you all!

Clare said...

The new layout is great it makes me even more excited for the weekend! And your flowers look great even in this heat-although it wasn't as hot today.

Heather said...

excuse me! we have great taste in backgrounds! haha! your flowers look fabulous. i just might have to post some pics of my flower pots because it has taken me 16 years of marriage and planting flower pots to finally NOT HAVE KILLED THEM IN 2 WEEKS TIME! I am very proud of myself! I have 4 pots and they have been alive for about a month and a half and are beautiful. I toot my horn everyday about them. I learned the trick----you have to water them! :0) I did kill one hanging pot though - whoops.