Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Britney Visit Wrap Up, Part II

Hope you got a good night's sleep because here we go again!

Wednesday brought our usual trip to the Farmer's Market in downtown Overland Park and then out to the Kansas City Zoo. We cruised pretty quickly through the fruits and veggies. 5 kids in a crowded place can get stressful!

The zoo was ridiculously hot, so we didn't stay as long as planned. Got several pics from our short visit, however. And, I'm saying short......Britney probably thought it was PLENTY of time.

Found a quiet deck on the lake in Africa for our picnic lunch. How cool is that? Love this zoo!

These guys are such good friends. They behave like brothers.....absolutely adore each other and then have their fights, too. Before the movie the previous night, they had quarreled about something......then, as we were driving to the theater, I heard Carter lean over and ask quietly, "We're still buddies, right?" Trysten - "Yeah, of course."

Maci and Trysten...

Thursday morning included a visit to the Deanna Rose Farmstead. Will post more about this later on.....such a fantastic place for children.

Feeding the goats.

Old fashioned water fountain.

Lunch time in the barn.

The boys study animal x-rays while enjoying their PB&J's.

Trysten and Lainey.

My sweet punkin Jack.

Walked back to the tee pee and Jack learned how to grind corn into meal.

Such lovely grounds....

"Tractor bikes!", as the little ones call them.

Pool visit Thursday evening......Jack claimed most of the floaty gear, obviously.

Hannibal Lector made an appearance as well. Looks nice with the tutu, don't you think?

Watermelon for the girls.

Daddy, too. (lookin' like a fox here, babe)

Maci enjoyed the cool summer treat!

All of it!

Jack's looking so grown up these days.

Trysten and Carter.....a little sweetness to finish my recap. Had a great time and can't wait to see everyone again!


Clare said...

Your Carter sounds so sweet, the conversation in the car was so cute!

The activities/adventures look awesome, it makes me excited live closer the that area.

aunt caroline said...

LOVE Jack's cut out pic. Made me lol.

Coco said...

Love the pool pics! So much to do in Kansas City!!

Carrie said...

I agree with Caroline...that cut out of Jack was hilarious! I was laughing at LC's, but then saw Jacks and about fell out of my chair! Ha!

Tractor bikes...Hagen would have crapped his pants over those!

merrilee said...

Ditto on the pic of Jack in the cut-out. . . .too funny! I also LOVE the pic of Jack on the tractor. Carter and Trystan look so sweet together. Lainey is as precious as always--have you called the agency yet?

donatelli98 said...

love Hanibal Lecter and her tutu - tooo cute!