Sunday, June 07, 2009


We've established a routine for our mid-week outing......Farmer's Market downtown and then off to the zoo. Kids don't nap until we hit the car after a long visit with the animals. 20 minutes of snoozing on the way home and then dinner/bath/play with Dad......early bedtime! Wednesdays are busy and I love it.

Last week took us back to "Australia". We'll alternate each week, as the zoo is split in half. And, why do we love the zoo so much? Wide open trails to learning and looking at everything......always something new to find.

Lots of fun things to find at the Discovery Barn.

Tree house playground....

The Koi Pond has become a favorite spot.

Carter's reaching out here for more fish food.

Baby turtle! He was no bigger than a plum.

Snakes! We see a ton of snakes each time we natural settings.....not behind glass. A little unnerving.

The kangaroos are cage-less.

Let's hope their signs are enough!

KC Zoo Live.....a quirky little show with live animals. The announcer was really fun.

Carter and Lainey are talking to Jack here, on the "secret sender".

A Sea World-type sea lion show. Very impressive!

Little ones loved it.


Monica said...

I wanna go to the zoo!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

That looks soo fun!!! I wish we lived closer to the zoo. DS Zoo is a little too far for us to go mid day.

Dee Stephens said...

looks like a killer zoo. BTW- looks like all your kiddos have a pair of Keen's? I friggin love those shoes..I have a pair too :)

Malinda said...

Are the snakes supposed to be there? I've never seen "exhibit" snakes that are free like that. Creepy!

That looks like an awesome zoo.

starnes family said...

Thanks, girls! Dee - yes, we all wear them. The boys get 2 pairs a for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. They last like no others!

Lainey has a pair that are so cute on her tiny feet. I have a pair of Keen mary janes and Blake has sandals, too. A bit pricey, but so worth it to us!

I am sure you love them with as much as you are out hiking and such. Wish we lived closer. We'd have a blast together!

starnes family said...

Malinda - they are supposed to be there.....Carter was concerned and so he wrangled a zoo keeper to check it out. They could slither out of that pond at any point.

And, how about those kangaroos?! No fence, no barrier. They could just hop right on over and put Lainey in their pouch. Scary. But, she'd love it!