Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remarkably Clever, Indeed!

Let me tell you about this girl I know. Her name is Shannon and we met eons ago when I was a working mom at Pier 1. I, a buyer....and she, a programmer....our worlds collided right there in a sea of cubicles and a friendship was formed. As our lives changed (babies born, jobs transformed, houses sold, families moved), we stayed in touch. I'm so happy we did.

She's helped me.....oh, let's say......5 million times with my blog, as I barely knew how to log in to blogger when I signed on 3 years ago to start writing. She's helped me plan trips and make them special. A wise old gal, indeed.....and now how lucky are we? A new blog has been born and it's unlike my dorky family/story telling site. This one - listen closely - can teach us stuff!

About blogging.

About travel.

About technology.

I can't wait to learn more.

Check out Shannon's new creation at You won't be sorry! Her most recent post is fantastic and will change your blog in under 10 minutes. Guaranteed.


FROGGITY! said...

well maybe i'll just head over there then! you surely give good advice, this i know! :) can't wait to 'meet' her!

Shannon said...

You are the best. Thanks for posting this!