Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still Nothing For Father's Day?

We had intentions all week of doing these hand prints, but time got away from us and we sent Britney and kids home without them. Next time!

It's a super easy craft and one that we've done every year (for 9 years!) for Blake for Father's Day. The dough is easily transformed by color and design. Christmas ornaments and other small items can be made as well....just think seasonal and get started! Flour, salt, and water. Even I have those in my kitchen.

Now, wrangle up a little excitement like Lainey here and enjoy!

Click here for the official instructions. Basically, mix 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 cup of water. Let the kids put those grubby hands to use and kneed away. Dough should look like this:

Squish it onto a well floured cookie sheet and then press their little paws down. Concentration like this helps. When did he start wearing jewelry?

1, 2, 3....4. Hmmm.....wait. Take a look at that last one. It's Batman! The family cat! I know Blake will treasure it the most.

So, once you're ready, put them into a low-heat oven (200ish degrees) for about 2-3 hours.

And, here are my little punkins. No, that is not Jack holding up Tinkerbell in the creepy picture Disney insists you's my flash in the window. Please ignore. But, do take notice of those darling aprons. Then, rush on over to My Polka Dot Dreams and order some for your kids. $12 a piece and that includes the monogram!

The finished product. Ta dah! I didn't say they were pretty. Meaningful probably works better. I typically include their names or initials on the front, but couldn't find a suitable pen. So, I'll add them to the back with a permanent marker. And, after Father's Day, these will be wrapped in tissue and then an air tight Ziploc bag and added to the box of hand prints from years past. How fun it will be years from now to open up that little treasure of a box filled with all our babies' hand prints from over the years.

See? Holidays don't have to cost a lot. Years from now, your husband will likely not remember an expensive gift or one bought just because you had to buy something. We try very hard not to do that in this just to buy.....because Hallmark says we should. Occasionally, we'll exchange gifts for these types of holidays if we have something special in mind. Otherwise, a picnic outside, a home-made card, a sweet gift picked out by a child works best for us. That's what it's all about!


FROGGITY! said...


Anonymous said...

So cute! I always do something for the parents of the kids I nanny for. This year I printed out a quote that said 'A truly rich man is one who when his arms are empty is filled with a loving child' or something like that, and then I had each of the 4 kids do a handprint near the quote and I framed it.

Heather said...

those are so cute!!! i love that idea! thanks for the little advertisement! :)

got your email. that makes me so sad that sweet Jack didn't have an apron to wear for the yearly event of the handprint making! i will make him another one - i'm sorry that happened. I'm just glad it wasn't something that I did! I just need your new address. Hope y'all have a happy father's day!

starnes family said...

Heather! Not necessary.....just wanted you to know. He tore it off b/c he was being a stinker and didn't want to wear it. We love your stuff!

Heather said...

obviously Jack hasn't gotten them memo that it is necessary to wear monogrammed aprons when baking and doing art projects! I see that Lainey Bug has learned the importance of wearing all things monogrammed at all times - even if one may or may not be doing art projects or just wearing cute dresses or t-shirts! :)

Now - send me your address! ;) or I will get it from Coco!

Scary Mommy said...

My husband still doesn't get that all I want for gifts are things the kids make for me! Love those. :)

Malinda said...

I love these. What a great idea.

Just curious, do you have any problems with the dough getting moldy over time? My nieces and nephew gave us an ornament one year and it molded.

starnes family said...

No mold so far. Wouldn't be suprised, though. I wrap them in paper towels and then use ziplocs to try to keep the air out. My parents have them from our childhoods.....hoping mine stay as well preserved. Good question, though!

Cate O'Malley said...

Such a fun idea!

aunt caroline said...

Love this. Maybe we can do it when Carter and Grace are here.