Monday, June 29, 2009

Question Of The Week

I have lots of mixed emotions about the passing of Michael Jackson. A fantastic entertainer, a lost soul with questionable behavior, perhaps a clear example of the price of fame.

We'll likely never know the truth behind his life. And, without turning a blind eye to the reality of who he was (and those he allegedly damaged), there is no question that he leaves behind an amazing collection of music. My favorite? Thriller. No doubt.

***What are your thoughts on who he was and what will you remember? Favorite song?


Shannon said...

Loved him as a performer. First concert I attended and definitely the best I've ever seen. Debbie Gibson was a letdown by comparison. :)

My mom loved him and recorded everything about him onto VHS tape. He was an icon who inspired all of our current male (and maybe some female too) pop stars including my JT.

btw, the child who accused him has now admitted he lied to get money.

starnes family said...

Love the "my JT!"

How awesome that you went to the concert!

I want to believe he never harmed anyone, but the dangling baby over the balcony makes me question the choices he made throughout his life. Sad that now that child is changing his story.

carrie said...

PYT for sure!

You know, I too have mixed emotions on him. I deeply in my heart believed that he was a predator after watching the documentry a few years ago. BUT, this morning while listening to the radio, I heard that the guy that was dragging his name through the mud on that documentry was now saying that he believes MJ did nothing wrong. I don't know how he can live with himself after admitting that ONLY after MJ dies. What an ass!

MJ had such a terrible childhood...came out of that a great performer who was looked up to by young and old admirors, and then was deemed a child predator. What a sad sad.

Shannon, MJ's concert was my first one as well! I don't remember it, but I do remember my mom taking my brother and I!!

Coco said...

I think that MJ was innocent. I really do, I think that he had the mentality of a child and didn't realize that having sleepovers at his age were wrong. I don't think he did anything inappropriate with any of them and they were using him for money.
I do think he was sick and sad and lonely.

My favorite song is PYT and Annie are you OK. LOVE THOSE TWO!

donatelli98 said...

Not sure what I believe about him other than I think he was totally bizarre! Too many weird incidences in his life to not think that about him. Even though I grew up with his music, I was never a huge fan. I actually prefer his old music with the Jackson 5 over his solo stuff ...ABC, 123, baby you and me!

The Rand's said...

Not sure what happened behind closed doors with MJ, but one things for sure--he was an absolutely amazing artist, one of the most talented ever!
I do think some of his behaviors were odd, like changing his whole face, but who am I to judge?
I feel so bad for his children, his family and friends! Such a young age to die.

FROGGITY! said...


i feel the same way you do. just a lost soul...

BUT! other than thriller (i learned the dance and still remember it from high school!)

i would say PYT or Billie Jean!

Dee Stephens said...

I have to say I like Just Beat It! Such a good rhythm!
As for MJ - I have mixed emotions as well.
I do believe he was guilty -- so many weird things to not think so. I just felt sorry for him more than anything. He was such a talent and could have stayed on top without all the weirdness. I'm not sure why he felt the need to have sooooo much plastic surgery.
The good thing is - people are remembering him more for his music than him being a freak show.

Monica said...

I was truly devastated when I found out that Michael died. He is the world's greatest entertainer and I don't think there will ever be anyone to top him.

I never believed he harmed a child. He was just a child himself. He once said he saw God in the face of children. We can't even imagine what he went through in the entertainment world and with such an abusive father. Children hold no judgement and that is why I believe he kept them for company.

I cannot choose an absolute favorite song because I simply love them all. A few faves are PYT, You Rock My World, and Billie Jean. Oh, and Dirty Diana...and Smooth Criminal. See, I told you I can't pick just one.

starnes family said...

I think it's best said that he operated with the mind of a child. I think his emotional maturity was stifled as a teenager and he never made it past that point. As Monica suggested, he had an unusual family.....Lord only knows what went on behind the scenes.

Fame is so sought after and for some, it serves them well. For others, I'm afraid it takes a different role. I don't think he had bad intentions with people or kids.....but definitely some unusual behavior. An immature mind can make immature choices. It's very sad how crazy things got for him - whether they were his ultimate decisions or not. I'm sure he was greatly taken advantage of by many.

Malinda said...

You guys are all much nicer than me, I think he was guilty and pretty much a freak. I watched the documentary on him again yesterday and he was just too weird for it to not be at least partly true.

I liked his music but I don't know if he really deserves the amount of press and news coverage he has received.

Allyson and Dave said...

I think my favorite song would have to be Smooth Criminal...I like the beat. I think he was a talented artist and performer but he was messed up in the head for sure. I don't think he ever harmed a child but I think he did not act like a normal grown up around children.

Shannon said...

Martin Bashir is the person who interviewed him for that documentary and he was also the newsperson who anchored the coverage the night that MJ died. I had to switch the channel because it was just too slimy.

btw, I said the boy admits he wasn't molested but many sources pulled the story so I'm not sure if it's true or not. I hope it's not true.

Malinda, couldn't disagree with you more. Maybe it's because my mom loved him and so I've never known any different but he was the greatest entertainer we'll ever know and I like my entertainers (and people, frankly) a little weird.

Clare said...

I'm torn, it's hard for me to judge people I don't know personally. MJ obviously had some serious issues and I agree with the others that said he was mentally a 12 year old and my not have thought what he was doing was inappropriate. Still inexcusable behavior!

I have always liked MJ's music, I remember when I was little watching my cousins and brother breakdance.

My favorite song of his is probably smooth criminal.

Malinda said...

Shannon, I don't care that he's weird, that's not what bothers me about him. It bothers me that he thought it was sweet to sleep in the same bed with pre-teen kids, it bothers me that he swore that he only had plastic surgery on his nose and nothing else, and it bothers me that he dangled his baby over the balcony and can't understand why people were upset about it.

Don't get me wrong, I do like his music and think he has left his mark on the music industry, but I think the amount of media coverage he has received is crazy.

Moni said...

The beauty of the legal system in this country is you're innocent until proven guilty. If he was really guilty, then the prosecution didn't do their job. His childhood was completely robbed of him, and that coupled with money and fame...well, we see how poorly others deal with those that aren't and never will be as famous as he is.

I actually got teary eyed a bit when I heard he had been rushed to the hospital and actually gasped out loud when I heard he died. I went to his "Bad" concert in '87 at Reunion Arena, and I have to show I've ever seen. You couldn't take your eyes off of him.

To say he "left his mark" on the music industry is a huge understatement. MTV refused to play any black artist until the Thriller album videos were in such demand that couldn't refuse any longer. His dance moves are replicated every day, his songs are remade or sampled, and his original recordings that haven't been released yet are already in demand.

I love all his music, but my faves are PYT and Human Nature :)