Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Night

Still not convinced I like summer, but I do love a night in the 70's at Worlds of Fun watching the kids ride and ride and ride. Lots of laughs, a funnel cake, and kettle corn. Open until midnight. Now, that, I like.


Malinda said...

You're so lucky to have weather in the 70s. It was a lovely 100 degree day here in Texas and very humid. It felt like a sauna every time we walked outside.

Heather said...

Fun times... I would love to be in your family! y'all do the funnest things and you are always cooking yummy goodies!

The Rand's said...

Go ahead and admit it, Case! You love summer! :)
70's, I LOVE that! It felt like 110 in TX today. Now that, I DON'T love!