Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life With A Basement

I honestly can't remember where we put everything before moving to Colorado. Our house's basement in Castle Rock was 2,000 square feet.....about the size of our home in Texas. We set the bounce house up in it. Carter and Trysten rode bikes in there! It was used for storage more than anything.

The Brighton house's was smaller, but filled to the brim. We have an inordinate amount of furniture, which isn't exactly convenient for relocations, but it's helped us with the varied houses we've lived in. Different houses with different built ins and such.....it has always been advantageous to hold onto that armoire or pub table.....we've used it all. Totes of clothes saved from Carter for Jack......over a dozen holiday boxes.....ski equipment......camping gear......the list is long.

So, after moving in, we avoided the basement and finally broke down to sort through it a few days ago. Some before pictures:

There were small aisles working through the masses so that we could at least grab something if it was needed.

Notice Blake's hand to the right......after he started losing patience with my direction......very nice, honey.

Basements have creepy parts, too......hot water heaters and pipes and weird industrial things....usually hidden from us in homes without basements.

Lots of nice furniture stacked high. With boxes and stuff in between! Also included in this mess is about 2/3 of our clothes (only one season can fit in our closets) and a TON of household items, decor and accessories. This 30 year old home has required us to live with less in reach due to smaller closets, smaller bedrooms and a tiny kitchen. Surprisingly, it hasn't bothered us. We just need a place to put it all!

After sorting through the contents, I labeled the boxes according to if they held an immediate interest for us and if not, with specifics for where they'd land when we buy a house next spring.

Blake thought he was a funny guy......after reaching a very delirious state.....sometime around 1:00am.

And, started labeling them like this. "Mom never did listen to Dad" is the last part of that sweet little note.

Now, it looks like this. Not pretty. But, it makes sense and I can easily reach what I need. Holiday, crafts and the like is to the right.....just after you walk in.

Fall clothes, ski equipment, coats to the left.....camping gear and luggage straight ahead.

Makes me happy to see some resemblance of organization......even if you can't see it.

And, my favorite part........our tacky plastic Santa......every basement (and house) should have one. Lainey hugged him this morning while helping me with the laundry.


Dee Stephens said...

oh.. that's funny. Love the notes on the boxes ;)
There aren't many basements here in NC and the houses that do have them? They're turned into official 'man' lands..flat screens with projectors for FB watching, a bar, WII and maybe a karaoke machine.
So sweet that Lainey hugged Santa. I'm happy he won't be coming anytime soon though.

Allyson and Dave said...

I would love to have a basement. They don't exist here in Florida. Since we live in the swamp land. We are stuck with tiny attics that are 120 degress in the summer. I have had Christmas decorations melt before.

Kelly Beatty said...

At least that stuff is in boxes...otherwise I'd be tempted to call you a hoarder.

starnes family said...

Allison....It doesn't make since...in a climate like ours that we do have basements and then the south does not. But, it all has to do with the soil make up, I believe.

Hush, Kelly! I told you....we use it all!

Dee....we have a finished basement, too. This is the unfinished part, used for storage. Now ours is not decked out with flat screens and a bar, but instead, lots of toys and a bookshelf. Guess that's not the same. :)

Coco said...

Love the notes from Blake. Little does he know, those plastic party cups are essential to any good hostess.

You put that Santa out?

donatelli98 said...

Love Blake's notes and I would have to agree with Kelly! As someone without a basement (soil is too hard in the desert) and a born purger I really try to keep only the things we use. Drives Mr. ESPN nuts at times - he comes from a family of pack rats! I am training him though and he is getting better! Maybe we can borrow Blake and he can explain the virtues of purging and donating!

Carrie said...

Casey...intervention time. That is the UGLIEST and TACKIEST santa...honest...you know it's true. it needs to go. Now, I know some may see it as being rude to call a dear friend's decor tacky...but your decor is not tacky...only that HORRIBLE Santa! How do you not have nightmares with him living below you?

Basement looks great! I wish we had one. BUT, in our new house it has a walk in attic! I LOVE IT! Ryan had to floor more of it and it is my territory. Anything that goes in there, I put in there. And nothing gets taken out unless I say so. Ryan doesn't mind and I know exactly where everything is!

Can I come and use your beverage cups? I'm sure we could find SOMETHING to use them for!

starnes family said...

People!!!!!! First, I can't get rid of much in there. Doesn't make sense to sell or donate an $1800 desk b/c our current house doesn't have room for it. We move a lot! Plus, our clothes don't fit in our house.....all of Lainey's big girl furniture is in there......and I'm at a loss for the counterstool/barstool decision. We have both. And, all houses require one or the other usually. Doesn't it make sense to keep both?

Second, Santa stays! I'm over "fancy" Christmas. I do have some nice pieces, but have been leaning more towards kid stuff. We even have colored lights on one of our trees!!!!! Gasp!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Ewww...colored lights? OK, so actaully, that's not that bad.

Hey, do you have the moose egg nog set too?

merrilee said...

SO, so funny!!!! I love Blake's note on the box. . . .actually that is what I might write on a box that my sweet Darin is holding onto. Darin still has books from undergrad that he REFUSES to get rid of. I am talking about Chemistry and Biology books--when is he EVER going to read those. At least you are willing to take the time to go through and organize these treasures. You definitely need to keep the furniture until you purchase your next home--they are all so different and you never know what will or will not fit

The Lenzers said...

geez-looks like my guest room-I can barely get the door open. Mark did say I could buy the peice of furniture I want for the playroom if I clean it out. I am working on it. Love Blake's comments too-isnt he a hoot?!

Malinda said...

No wonder your house is so spotless in all your photos, it's all in the basement! I bet you have boxes of Cargokids sample sale stuff in there.

I want a basement! My friend in Georgia has one and it's like they have a whole extra house beneath their upstairs. The ground where we live is solid rock so I don't think it was ever an option for us.

Keep the Santa and pass it on to one of your kids some day.

Carrie said...

If you pass on that Santa to one of your kids, your Daughter/Son In Law will hate you! You don't want to put that stress on your kids marriage do you?