Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Stuff

A couple of things I've learned:

***I have my email address linked to my blog. Because of this, when I comment on a blog, the author can reply to that comment when she receives notification in her email account. I get these occasionally and it's fun to see a witty remark, arugment or answer to what I wrote. It's easy to do if you don't have it set already. Click on My Account next to your Dashboard option on your home page. Add or edit your email address there.

***I've always been kind of on the fence about the "following" thing. Feeling like I had been pushed back into middle school in the midst of a popularity contest, I avoided seeking followers or even posting the option on my blog.

Then, I started following people. Not knowing the exact benefits at the time, I signed on and started adding away. And, now I get it.

Following a blog is a fantastic tool. The Reading List on your Dashboard provides simple updates and by scrolling through them, you can decide what is worth reading and what you can live without. Brilliant! A time more clicking on your favorites to see who posted. I've found that it works with, and Probably more!

So, get organized and become a follower. It doesn't mean we're going steady. And, there's no guarantee I'll pay for dinner. But, it will save you time and you'll thank me later!

Anything else? Teach me something!


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

THANK you for putting ur e-mail in. I wish everyone would do that. It gets quite annoying when you can't reply to blog posts...especially when you are hosting a contest.

I'm a follower addict too. I've been following you for awhile.

aunt caroline said...

Is that a self portrait?

Shannon said...

I also love when people put who they follow because if I like a blog, I want to know who they follow and read more things that I might like.

Having said that, I don't follow because I'm an RSS whore.

starnes family said...

See....I don't list blogs I read b/c I'm too fickle and can't delete anyone. I send out 150 Christmas cards a year and it's because I never cross anyone off the list. Can you imagine what my list would look like? that when you receive emails per post?

Caroline......why, yes it is a self portait.

Cate O'Malley said...

lol, love the pic!

Clare said...

I kind of hate my blog list, only b/c I want to add TONS of blogs to it and it's kind of a pain to add. Also, I refresh my blog way to much during the day to see if people have posted.

It doesn't bother me much (as a matter of fact I just took mine off) but in you comment settings you can say "no" to the word verification thing. Supposedly you don't get spammed much without it. That's the only teaching I can do!

donatelli98 said...

OK I am officially following - also I have read that book your are reading - Prep ... too funny. It seems like we have similar reading interests!

Shannon said...

No, RSS feeds can be received via things like Google Reader or any other RSS reader. I happen to use the browser called Flock which lists all of my RSS feeds in the left side of my screen. I've got about 100 or so. It's like following but can be used on just about any site, not just certain ones.

5 Boys And Me said...

So did you watch last night? I won't say anything yet about last night in case you didn't see it yet, but I do question if some of this is pre-planned or not and how could any half-way intelligent, normal girl not see through Wes? That I don't get....

starnes family said...

I didn't watch. DVR'd it and will do so tonight. Had to see my team win the first game in the CWS! Geaux Tigers!

Oh, and Wes....what a worm. She seems like a bright girl, which further lends to the idea that this is all planned.

Dee Stephens said...

I follow as well. LOVE IT! as for the Christmas card comment.. i send out a s^#@tload too but took a break this last year due to the recession and worry that I might lose my job ;(
I'll be back on the bandwagon though this year..

Anonymous said...

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