Friday, October 31, 2008

Drudge Report

I've questioned my main source of news for the past several months.....many times looking like he was swaying towards the left....but that is why I read his much as I'd love to hear the news tailored to my preference, I go to Drudge instead of Fox News, CNN, and Lord knows, MSNBC.

I still can't figure him out. But, I still keep reading at for the latest news.

I don't think it's fair to assess any media source as "fair and balanced", no matter how hard my beloved Fox News tries. And, my father-in-law brought up an interesting comparison - one I've done several times, but had not really sat down to take good notice of how drastically different the reporting became, but it is so very true. During a recent debate, he watched it in full and then wavered between CNN and Fox to determine who won. As expected, McCain won on Fox and Obama on CNN.

The whole world as you know it - and choose to know it - can be determined by which news cast you listen to. Should it be that easy?

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Anonymous said...

this is totally true b/c we watch all stations back and forth during the race 4 pres and even this morning one station was saying it would be a landslide and the other side it was going to be the closest race in history! so funny how it is so different!