Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The State Fair

While in Dallas, Blake took the kids to The State Fair of Texas while I stayed with Caroline at the hospital. They had a really good time.

"Milk, Daddy?"

Ice cream time.

Very proud of Blake for remembering to put the paper identification bracelets on the kids like Carter is wearing in the picture below. It's hard enough to take them all somewhere, but standing at the entrance with a mecca of kid fun calling their names.....likely was a bit chaotic for Blake while filling out the bracelets. I saw Lainey's in the car when I met them later that day, so I know she had one, too. What about Jack, though? Don't see one in the picture above. Hmmm.....Blake?

My request for the day (besides for Blake to enjoy a corny dog for me) was to get a pic of the 3 kids in front of Big Tex. We do this every year. Here are 3 of the many attempts:

And, the obligatory motorcycle ride. Blake said that Jack loved it!

Fun house!

This is what happens when Mom doesn't go to the fair. Carter appears to be on one of the most dangerous rides possible. Not happy about that!

Another one.

Finally, here is a picture Carter took just for me. I'll let you guess why.


Anonymous said...

All kids had the ID tags. Lainey’s did not fit on her wrist so I put it on her leg. Jacks was put on his wrist and removed before we even left the table. I filled out a new one and put it on his ankle. I figured that I would be questioned about this and had the foresight to take a photo of Jack and Lainey that clearly showed that they were wearing the ID tags. Why was this pic not posted? As far as the rides were concerned, I told Carter that he had X tickets and could do with them what he chose. He held me to my word. I did however put my foot down when he asked to go on the ride that the man was climbing on. The man climbing was from maintenance and was hauling tools up to the top of the ride. I knew that Casey would kill me if he went on that ride. As far as the pig goes...Carter said that he had to get a picture of him for mom. He returned saying mom has gotta see his junk! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Junk in the trunk!

Anonymous said...

eah-teen whellah!

Sara said...

a little defensive are we, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I hate to even ask...but is that really his nuts? ReallY? That doesn't look healthy, although I am not a vet, but those look like elaphantitis of the nuts if you ask me...are they normally like that? Not that I couldn't live another day if I didn't find out, but really, is that normal? must hurt, not that I know what balls feel like. Well, at least not on myself. OK, just answer the question so I can stop this nonsense of typing out of control!

starnes family said...

I really can't believe you are asking this!!!!!! Thank God this post is a few down in history.

Shall I have Carter call you so that you can discuss?

??? said...

OMG...that hogs nuts are GINORMOUS!!!!