Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nature Walk

An early release from school on Friday took us to Barr Lake, a Colorado State Park, located just a few minutes from our house. We had not been in a couple of months, so it was nice to get out, walk and enjoy the pretty fall day.

We took the Niedrach Nature Trail out to the lake. This was Lainey's first time actually walking and she did well!

Lots of stops to look around.

The little ones on the go.

I hadn't entirely considered the logistics of this trail......keeping a wobbly toddler and a wild man from falling into the lake from the bridges and board walks. Luckily, Carter was there and helped a ton.

Two loving brothers fighting over the binoculars. We've seen deer in this area before, so it's always a challenge to find them again.

Little brother gives it a try.

Now, here are the sweet brothers I enjoy seeing. Wishing so much Carter would give up the muscle shirt fashion statement he's so fond of.

Lainey challenging Jack. She's getting braver by the day.

Baby sister keeping up.

And, exploring the area.


Coco said...

You are getting so good with the pictures Casey!! Those look professional.

??? said...

I love that muscle shirt! LOL

That looked like a beautiful day out. Lainey looks so cute with her Toddler legs!!!