Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lookout Mountain

I took the kids to Lookout Mountain on Sunday after we went to the train museum. There are several sites along I-70 that we see going in to ski at 7:00am, when we're not able to stop. Since we were already in Golden, we took advantage of the close proximity and toured a bit.

No matter how many we see, it's still fun to catch a few deer on the side of the road. There were plenty driving along the scenic Lariat Loop.

Quite a view.

A look down on Golden, Colorado.

We stopped at Buffalo Bill's Museum and Grave, too.

It was a cool little museum with a few interactive exhibits the kids enjoyed.

Our little cowgirl.

Tough guy.

His grave.

Without prompting, Carter insisted on ordering the buffalo burger at dinner. He ate every bite.

Starting to get dark.....time to head home.

But, first, a quick look at the Boettcher Mansion, a historical building in Colorado which doubles as an event center.

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