Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Trick Or Treat Train

Sunday included a trip out to Golden, CO to visit the Colorado Railroad Museum, a place we go to about once a month. We typically go on a weekday, when it's quiet and there's not much going on. The kids can run around, we take a picnic and just sit and relax and Jack goes from train to train admiring the work.

A few times during the year, they have special events, last month being "Day Out With Thomas" and this month, the "Trick or Treat Train". It was pretty much a disaster, start to finish, but I managed to get a few pics here and there to document the day.

Exhibit A: this is what happens when you take a lollipop away from the angry octopus. And, while we're talking about the octopus, Exhibit B: her outfit made me a nervous wreck the entire time we were there due to it getting covered in dust and dirt from the ground. Luckily, it came out in the wash.

Beloved Thomas on the huge miniature train set up.

Jack could watch all day. Here, too, is Exhibit C: Jack refused to wear his Thomas the Train costume at the train museum. Make sense of that!

Exhibit D: during these special weekends, the train runs around the track, which lasts exactly 18 minutes after 3 laps per load of people. Blake, Steve, and I struggled to keep Jack and Lainey happy for that $100 train ride during the mecca of all events, Day Out With Thomas, so there was no way I was going to wrangle these monkeys on a day like this on my own. A few angry children resulted from that decision. Too bad. Mama's got to draw the line somewhere.

Cute Halloween decorated trains running.

Happy girl now that she got her treat. Little punk.

The "Haunted Train". Sweet Lainey didn't understand any of it.

From the caboose.....a big view of the mini train.

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