Monday, October 13, 2008


The Most Patient Cat Ever has a devoted fan in Lainey. She is constantly oohing and awing over's very sweet. I have been watching closely since having a girl to see how this whole 'nature vs nurture' argument plays out. I think it's fascinating.

So far, it seems that little girls are definitely more inclined to hug and kiss. She loves baby dolls and stuffed animals. Yes, we provide these sweet things to her, but each child can choose his own toy to play with. She isn't interested much in trains like her counterpart. Maybe that's because he growls at her with every attempt to touch them.

Here is Lainey playing with Batman early one morning.

" ki!"

She tries so hard to be gentle.

And, then finally Batman has enough and gives her a little nibble. And, consequently, for the next 3 hours, I hear nothing but her scolding him in her so-sweet little voice with index finger raised, pointing...."No, no, no, Man!"

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Coco said...

You need to have these framed in sequence. The lighting is beautiful and the subject even beautifuller!!!