Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fright Fest

Lots of fun on Sunday at Elitch Gardens with Sandra, Frank and Jack. Our day was cut short due to the weather, so we'll be back this weekend!

Standard picture we take every year.

Carter, Frank, Jack, Lainey and Jack.

We stopped for a snack and learned that Lainey likes honey mustard!

Luckily, every bit of it came out of her precious dress.

For Caroline.....the headless chicken. We saw these last year and were totally creeped out by them.

Carter, Sandra and Frank on the Tower of Doom.

Bundled up Lainey.

And, later on dancing in the arcade.


The nightly parade....totally disturbing and weird. Elitch Gardens is a weird place.

Look, Caroline! We found it this year. This is a display we ran into the first year we were here and thought it was totally creepy they would advertise such. It's about the Packer family in Colorado. Google it if you want to know more. The part of Fright Fest that we loved most is the historical side....and they do a good job of telling local stories.....though, they're all spooky to follow the theme.

Just before leaving, we stopped for a bit at the front of the park to watch the Fear Factor-like competition of eating cockroaches.

Lots of crazies volunteering!


Coco said...

Great pics! You look cute in that hot pink fleece.

Anonymous said...

I miss every minute of that trip!

??? said...

I gasped at the sight of all that honey mustard!! LOL

So glad it all came out of that cute cute dress...and she looked cute in it...honey mustard and ALL!!!!