Friday, October 10, 2008

Glenwood Springs Pool

More pictures from our trip a few weeks ago. Here we are at the Hot Springs Pool. Pretty amazing. The main pool is kept just above 90 degrees and the therapy pool is 104. Steam rises above the water most of the year and it's really cool to see.

Carter jumps right in the second we get there.

Jack gives it a try. You can kind of see the steam here and more so if you click on the picture.

Lainey isn't quite sure about it.

Never shy Carter claims a lap lane and starts swimming. Not a kid in sight....all adults swimming....and our little fish, too.


The therapy pool is pictured here in the distance, adjacent to the big one. You really have to save this for last because after feeling the temperature there, the main pool feels very cold.

Our drive out of Glenwood and into Aspen.

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