Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Widespread Panic In Aspen

Several pics from our weekend trip to Aspen a couple of months ago to see Widespread Panic play at the jazz festival. Yep, just now posting them.

Such a pretty setting.

Almost as much fun as watching the band.....watching these guys below. Oh, to be fun and stupid and in college again.

Lovely Blake.

And, a lovely sunset.

The band.

The next day included a trip into town for shopping and lunch. Walked through this outdoor market. Bought a $60 dress for Lainey. I have no will power.

I think that is Ajax Mountain behind the fountain park. I never can remember in Aspen.

Lots of room to walk and the weather almost always seems perfect.

A tribute to Aspen history.

Lunch at Boogie's Diner.

These two little cars were so cool. First, notice the double ski rack and hard shell container for ski gear. This tiny vehicle will hold as much as our Suburban will for ski season. I bet they get better gas mileage, too.

Super cool.

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Coco said...

How fun!!!! A little different than college since you had money left over for lunch and a dress for Lainey!!