Friday, October 17, 2008


We had our first video call with Blake via tonight. It was such fun to see each other, laugh, and listen to the little ones squeal at the sight of Daddy.

Lainey said "Hi" every 10 seconds or so, waved and blew kisses, too.

Carter will be home soon from his "Harvest Hop" at school and will be fascinated as well. Many more calls to come....

Jack and Daddy talking.

He couldn't get close enough at first and then started looking behind the computer screen to find him.

Playing "nigh night". Seconds later, Blake wakes him up....

And, he laughs hysterically.

Upon saying "bye", Blake asked Jack for a kiss....he first kissed me....then tried and tried to reach the screen....finally did. It was pure sweetness.


Coco said...

I just got a little teary eyed. Precious.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome.

Anonymous said...

finally..I've been telling about skype for-evah!

??? said...

I love the internet!!! It is so great to see Daddy this way.

When dh is offshore our webcams help us get thru the tough times.
These are just precious. I loved every picture!!!