Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall Favorites

I had intended on starting to post my favorites about Halloween and the Fall season on October 1 and go through Thanksgiving. A bit late, but I'll start now.

#1 Pumpkins - I love the colors, smells, shapes and sizes. The day they arrive in the stores, I buy. I will start with a few basics that I can buy at an affordable price (at Walmart or Target) and then add to them with more distinct or unusual ones from pumpkin patches or farmers markets. We get the basic orange, white, green, etc. I buy gourds large and small. I really love the "Cinderella" style most, pictured below.

We clean and prep them before putting them out. I didn't do so this year, but have painted and crackled them in the past. They go on the front porch, on the back patio, inside and out. I really don't think I could have enough.


Anonymous said...

OK, so I put a small baby pumpkin in my pot of mums. Ryan thought it may look better if I actually take the mums out of the plastic crap it came in and put it in a real pot...smart ass. Yes, he is correct...I am still learning. Be more specific in your descriptions at least to your idiot frined here!

Glad you are home safely!

starnes family said...

Thank you, Carrie. I needed that laugh.