Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lemonade Stand

While we had our yard sale over the weekend, the boys held a Lemonade Stand. Carter spent his earnings on 2 Bakugans, his new favorite characters. Don't worry. I don't know what they are, either.

Take a look at his marketing. You just can't find work like this these days.

His first customer - little brother, of course.

And, some for Lainey in her sippy cup.


Coco said...

Lemonade stands! How fun. I can't wait until we can do that.

Bram is into the Bakugon thing too. Only because his 5 yr old cousin is. Weird.

Moni said...

I have a drawer full of Bakugans that I have taken away from my students....if only they were that interested in their classwork! Cute lemonade stand :)

??? said...

That is just PRECIOUS!! I would have framed that sign...b/c I'm a packrat and save everything cute the Princess makes.


I hope he made alot of money...b/c I would have given him a $1.00 just b/c that was so cute!!!