Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Favorites

#17 School Carnivals - Now, in our overly PC days of life, they're referred to as "Harvest Hop" and the like. But, it will always be the "Halloween Carnival" in my mind, as well as many in our generation.

I can't think of a more exciting night than that of the carnival at Christie Elementary. Dressed up in costume, money in hand, tickets to spend, parents no where in sight. Freedom. We walked through the school hallways in awe, which were dramatically transformed into a world of magic and fun. Cake walks, face painting, bean bag tosses, frito pie in the school cafeteria. I remember running through the event with Monica Hill, my first friend in Kindergarten, so completely spell bound by the excitement. Such great memories.

Oblivious to its title, Carter had a fantastic time, arriving home with 5 pumpkins he had picked at the patch - one for each member of our family. He had lots of toys and candy, too. Here he is showing it all to Daddy on Skype.

This was the first night for Carter and Blake to talk via Skype and I have to share with you one of the sweetest moments I can recall since our family began. The little ones were in bed, so it was Carter's turn to call his Dad. It took a second for the connection to load, but once it did and the two of them saw each other and heard each other's voices, they both burst into tears. It was such a heart-felt, sincere show of love...I was speechless. And, then I started to cry. Carter misses his Daddy. Thank goodness he'll be home in 2 days!

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Moni said...

I was just thinking about that carnival at Christie the other day...we had soooo much fun every year. I wish I got that excited about anything now!!