Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo Trip

Now that football season is over, we're getting out more and are closer to our routine of zoo and park visits. We try to visit the Denver Zoo once a week...and now more than ever....because the weather couldn't be better. Of all the memberships we've held or currently hold, I believe we benefit most from the zoo. So much to see and year round....lots of room to run.

Our favorite zoo in the area, however, is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo located in Colorado Springs. It's built into the side of the mountain and boasts unusual exhibits - our favorite being the giraffe landing. We went there often when we lived south of Denver in Castle Rock. Now north of Denver, it's a 1.5 hour drive. Hoping to get there at least once more before we move.

Lainey has learned to walk on these zoo paths....won't ever forget it!

Jack's favorite.....the dug out near the meerkat and porcupine exhibit.

Sweet Carter, still in uniform from school. We pick him up after school and go straight to the zoo.....stay until close.....a good 2 hour visit - just enough time.

Jack and the sea lions.

Stand off......Lainey and the free-roaming peacock. There must be a few hundred that walk the zoo.

Lainey won.

The boys' favorite.....ox and covered wagon.

Never will understand how these guys (or why) cling to the side of mountains like this. We see them each season driving in to ski, too. Amazing.

Sweet brothers.

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