Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cave Tour

A few pictures from the Cave Tour Carter and I went through while on our trip to Glenwood Springs. Seems as though I don't finish posting about one trip until another is being planned.

We opted not to bring the little ones out of respect for the other cave-goers. We thought they might want to hear the tour guide.

Lots of fun walking through the narrow walk ways. At this point Carter turned to me and said, "Oh, M0m. Caroline would love this." Yep, she would. Can't wait to get to Kansas so we can include her in our unusual adventures.

This is about half-way through the tour....we walk out onto this rock formation called Exclamation Point....and you can see all through the Glenwood Canyon.

The Roaring Fork River.

This was the Swing Shot ride we were on inside the park. It took you out and over the canyon. Click here for the original post on that ride. It was fantastic!

Back inside.

The most amazing view.....hard to tell from here. Pretty spectacular.

Me and my little historian, who shares my love of such tours.

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