Thursday, October 09, 2008

Elitch Gardens

The people at Elitch's certainly lose money each time they sell a family like us season passes. We're averaging a once-a-week visit by this time each year. Lovely weather, Halloween theme fun, nighttime arriving sooner.....all makes for a good night.

I haven't been posting a ton of pictures from here lately because it's starting to look like the same old thing. However, this past trip was filled with a few interesting details.

Lainey is starting to ride more and more each time we go.

And, our middle child braved the kiddie roller coaster for the first time!!!!! Here is Carter with him giving a kiss for good luck.

He's getting so big.

Not sure what is coming next.

There goes our little guy!

And, here is our big guy.

Daddy wrangling Jack.

This new ride has been the big anticipation all year long. Turns out to be a knock-off of the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney. Cute, but no where close to as cool.

While the boys rode the new ride, I kept the babies busy. Lollipops help.

And, this ride, circa 1988, somehow made it into the park. I'm sure the Texas State Fair is missing it this year.

Finally, we ended the evening with an impromptu breakdancing routine on the main stage. Not one ounce of shy in this family.

Jack gets things started.

And, then Carter and Blake join in. Yes, that is a 33 year old man, father of 3, getting down. Have I mentioned they sell beer at Elitch's?

The boys LOVED it!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!
Seriously, Blake what were you thinking? Did you break your back? Were you sore the next day? All in the name of entertaining the kids and of course Casey. Glad she got proof this!

Blake said...

Jenifer, you have to believe in the beat that’s on the street, it’s hoppin’ and poppin’, I was just breakin’ and lockin’. When you do popin’, the non-dancer such as yourself, doesn’t realize how much control and isolation it takes to break dance. I just keep working and working and believing in myself. You have to realize that popin’ is not easy. I have one motto that I have stuck with since the early 80’s. I encourage you to embrace it as well. Look at what it has done for me.

“If you can’t beat the system…BREAK IT!

Anonymous said...

Are you drinking now? Are you BUI-ing? (blogging under the influence).

Look at what it has done for you?
I think this is why you now live hundreds of miles away from your family. Casey sent you away so that you no longer embarass the family.

Coco said...

That is hilarious! Blake was totally bustin' a move.

Blake said...

No, no drinking. Just a poppon' and lockin' in KC! This is the beat that I like to break to...

I said a hip hop a hippity to tha hippity hip hip hop you dont stop rockin to tha bang bang boggie say up jump tha boogie to tha rythem of tha boggidie beat.

Sugar Hill Gang - "Rappers Delight" 1979

Here is a link to SHG on YouTube. Break it!

Anonymous said...

You're on a roll
It's time to go solo
Take heed, I'm a lyrical poet
Miami is the style in case you didn't know it

Yo yo, grand masta're old...we break hips that way. You can talk the dance, but don't DO the dance!!

??? said...

OMG...your husband is a RIOT!!! I couldn't stop laughing b/c I saw the picture first and thought is that a MAN...and sure enough, it was your hubby gettin' down with his bad self!!!

Thanks Elitch for the laughs!!!! I loved all the pics.