Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Little Mommy

Caroline gave Lainey her first baby doll and stroller for her first birthday. It's an American Girl Bitty Baby and she loves it.

Always on a walk.

Uh oh. Need to work on some skills.

Because she just kept on going.

Still figuring out how the baby sits in the stroller.


Anonymous said...

I love these pics, and where can I get Lainey's top?

Coco said...

I want Lainey's top too! And I want those pony tail thingys for Tessie. If she had hair.


Anonymous said...

I ate at the American Girl Bistro last week!

When LC gets older and receives the bigger doll she can take her dolly their to have her hair done. They can curl it too. It's pretty cute and pretty expensive!