Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jack and Lainey

They're friendship is certainly growing and it's a joy to watch. One minute, they love each other and the next, they're worst enemies. It's hard to keep up with.

Snapped a few pictures of them a few days ago on the front porch....

Jack always wants to share her seat and Lainey doesn't always oblige.

Love this one.....

Cutie Laine in her first mini-skirt.

Looking like his big brother at this age here.

Working on re-arranging the pumpkins. They're always so helpful!


Anonymous said...

ok, the pic with LC in her mini skirt she looks so sassy looking over her shoulder and I totally love the image of LC crying and Jack looking like he doesn't really care!

Coco said...

The one of Lainey crying and Jack looking at her like, "are you kidding me?" is the best. You need to blow that one up and frame it.
It will make you smile when you look at it for years to come.

And I am loving the mini skirt and tights.